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US-8979868-B2: Stabilization system and aspiration device with rapid diagnostics patent, US-8980005-B2: Liner assembly for chemical vapor deposition chamber patent, US-8980701-B1: Method of forming semiconductor device patent, US-8981885-B2: Electromagnetic actuator patent, US-8982606-B2: Phase change memory device having multi-level and method of driving the same patent, US-8983440-B1: Call handling using social network data patent, US-8986472-B2: Glassy nano-materials patent, US-8987382-B2: High melt strength polyethylene compositions and methods for making the same patent, US-8988603-B2: Imaging unit and installation device patent, US-8990660-B2: Data processing system having end-to-end error correction and method therefor patent, US-8991773-B2: Device for mounting systems on aircraft or spacecraft patent, US-8991885-B2: Compliant underactuated grasper patent, US-8993515-B2: Peptidomimetics comprising N-amino cyclic urea residues and uses thereof patent, US-8994788-B2: Image coding apparatus, method, program, and circuit using blurred images based on disparity patent, US-8995318-B2: Network registration procedures patent, US-8996304-B2: Customized travel route system patent, US-8998062-B2: Rotary tool patent, US-9003645-B1: Ultrasonic device for assessing the quality of a wire crimp patent, US-9003819-B2: Heat pump apparatus using supercooling degree to control expansion valve patent, US-9005278-B2: Quick-connect prosthetic heart valve patent, US-9005952-B2: Microorganism producing L-methionine precursor and the method of producing L-methionine precursor using the microorganism patent, US-9006435-B2: Electroluminescent thiophene derivatives patent, US-9007283-B2: Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same patent, US-9008850-B2: Systems and methods for under-frequency blackout protection patent, US-9009252-B2: Rules-based transactions prefetching using connection end-point proxies patent, US-9011209-B2: Method and apparatus for trimming the working layers of a double-side grinding apparatus patent, US-9015242-B2: Communicating with a user device patent, US-9016653-B1: Molded equipment pad with arc-shaped ribs patent, US-9021725-B2: Boom sheave with tubular reinforcing members patent, US-3093613-A: Vulcanization of synthetic rubber with polyhalomethyl phenol substances patent, US-9024746-B2: Safety features for medical devices requiring assistance and supervision patent, US-9026487-B2: Forecasting system and method using change data based database storage for efficient ASP and web application patent, US-9027049-B2: Method and system for coupons based on automatic content recognition patent, US-9027359-B2: Heat exchange system patent, US-9028600-B2: Inkjet ink, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recording device patent, US-9028907-B2: Method and device for coating of a medical implant patent, US-9030988-B2: Method and apparatus for switching between multicast/broadcast and unicast service patent, US-9032333-B2: Display apparatus and displaying method of the same patent, US-9032552-B2: Adjustable mirrored glove patent, US-9034539-B2: Controllable transmission and phase compensation of transparent material patent, US-9035127-B2: Absorbent article patent, US-9036626-B2: Method and system for locating a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) device connected to a network patent, US-9037644-B2: User configuration file for access control for embedded resources patent, US-9038456-B2: Gravity gradiometer patent, US-9038833-B2: Telescoping display rack patent, US-9039147-B2: Liquid feed valve unit and liquid ejection device patent, US-9039392-B2: Tire inflation system patent, US-9040267-B2: Polyhydroxyalkanoate production method patent, US-9040495-B2: General composition framework for ligand-controlled RNA regulatory systems patent, US-9040642-B2: Catalyst systems containing a bridged metallocene patent, US-9041681-B2: Onscreen function execution method for mobile terminal having a touchscreen patent, US-9042504-B2: Communication channel calibration for drift conditions patent, US-9042548-B2: SPS authentication patent, US-9042663-B2: Two-level error correcting codes for color space encoded image patent, US-9044783-B2: System and method of unloading a container of items patent, US-9044825-B2: Method for welding depending on a preferred direction of the substrate patent, US-9046111-B2: Compressor aerofoil patent, US-9046327-B2: Gas generator patent, US-9046572-B2: Computer-aided design (CAD) multiple-capture DFT system for detecting or locating crossing clock-domain faults patent, US-9047691-B2: Route display and review patent, US-9047940-B2: Resistive random access memory cells having variable switching characteristics patent, US-9048667-B2: Cell controller, battery module and power supply system patent, US-9050296-B2: Methods for treating metabolic syndrome with Cthrc1 polypeptide patent, US-9055811-B2: Office device having multiple spatial configurations patent, US-9057184-B2: Insulator base for electronic faucet patent, US-9057600-B2: Reducing incremental measurement sensor error patent, US-9061039-B2: Identification of Free-B-Ring flavonoids as potent COX-2 inhibitors patent, US-9061147-B2: Device and implantation system for electrical stimulation of biological systems patent, US-9061938-B2: Alkali-free glass patent, US-9062486-B2: Interconnection system for panel assemblies patent, US-9063850-B2: Extended utilization area for a memory device patent, US-9065602-B2: Integrated circuit for controlling a process patent, US-9066139-B2: Multi-platform digital television patent, US-9067278-B2: Pulse spread laser patent, US-9068931-B2: Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device patent, US-9069760-B2: Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent, US-9070970-B2: Antenna device and mobile terminal patent, US-9072021-B2: Method and apparatus for hybrid automatic repeat request operation in a heterogeneous network architecture patent, US-9073770-B2: Portable high rate anaerobic digester apparatus and method of operation patent, US-9074413-B1: Rail, stile, mullion, door and wall jamb assemblies for framing glass doors and wall partitions patent, US-9075760-B2: Narration settings distribution for content customization patent, US-9079159-B2: Olefin metathesis process using a treated tungsten oxide catalyst patent, US-9080355-B2: Circuit and method for preventing inadvertent opening of a vehicle door patent, US-9082514-B1: Method and apparatus for physically unclonable function burn-in patent, US-9082516-B2: Apparatus, systems and methods for fusion based power generation and engine thrust generation patent, US-9082875-B2: Methods for normalizing strain in semicondcutor devices and strain normalized semiconductor devices patent, US-9084742-B2: Combinations comprising 3-phenylsulfonyl-8-piperazinyl-1yl-Quinoline patent, US-9085784-B1: Polyhydroxyalkanoate production methods and materials and microorganisms used in same patent, US-9088051-B2: Positive electrode protective layer composition, rechargeable lithium battery including protective layer for positive electrode and method of manufacturing same patent, US-9089122-B2: Insect bait station and method of using patent, US-9090874-B2: Olfactory epithelial-derived stem cells and methods of use therefor patent, US-9091128-B1: Drill floor mountable automated pipe racking system patent, US-9092243-B2: Managing a software appliance patent, US-9092474-B2: Incremental conversion of database objects during upgrade of an original system patent, US-9095335-B2: Apparatus and method for joining similar or dissimilar suture products patent, US-9095562-B2: Methods and compositions for optimized expansion and implantation of mesenchymal stem cells patent, US-9095926-B2: Friction stir spot welding device and friction stir spot welding method patent, US-9097026-B2: Tool-less swing arm mechanical edge setting system and method for setting tiles and tuning lippage patent, US-9097493-B2: Blast/impact mitigation shield patent, US-9098447-B1: Recovery of corrupted erasure-coded data files patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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